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Walkman. I had this exact one. My life began really as soon as I discovered portable music. I mainly played the Bangles :)

Yellow SONY Sports walkman, I was the proud owner of one.saved my pocket money to buy one.

Covering your bedroom ceiling with these. | 27 Things '00s Girls Did That We're Not Ashamed Of At All

Covering your bedroom ceiling with these.

BB Bats 1/2 lb

BB Bats 1/2 lb

BB Bats The old fashioned taffy pop that has been around since the Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana & Chocolate flavored. lb assortment - Approximately 18 pieces per lb

I loved mood lipstick when it made a comeback in the early 1990s.

Mood lipstick Freak out your friends and pull out shamrock-green lipstick. Then aha! The trick is on you: The green stick actually turns pink on lips. Although the lipstick didn't change colors like a mood ring, it was still good for the shock factor.

Good old Snorks

80s Cartoon Gallery

The Snorks! One of my all time fav cartoons! I had an eraser Snork pencil topper that I was so proud of that I FREAKED when anyone tried to.


OMG- Children of the remember these? Plastic charms that could be on necklace or bracelet? My daughter had a box full of these.

Growing Up In The 70s and 80s's photo.

I loved mine! I still sing the theme song. MOnchichi, monchichi oh, so soft and cuddly, with their thumb in their mouth their really neat!

Today's Special, one of my favorite 80's show!!! I loved loved loved this show!!!

Today's Special, one of my favorite show. Remember the mannequin that came to life

el sitio Highsnobiety, creó una lista de los juguetes que considera más icónicos de todos los tiempos.

Los juguetes más icónicos

I’m so happy that some of the coolest toys that aren’t reliant on batteries and lcd screens still exist.

Popples... I remember mine like it was yesterday!!! They don't make the good toys like they use 2

Toy's From the Past

Mom always used these as a nurse.  Thought as a kid if you had one you were a nurse too

I remember our teachers would not let us use the green ink. One teacher did and we thought she was so cool!

z cavaricci's - these where my favorite way back when...of course right next to my parachute pants & neon colored clothing...

Z Cavaricci pants Everyone in school had these but me, I though they were ugly.