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Hiccup (How to train your Dragon), Jack Frost (Reise of the Guardians), Merida (Brave) and Rapunzel (Tangled) "I will ride, I will fly chase the wind and touch the sky" ~ Touch the Sky ( Brave )


Yass lilo and stitch X hijack moments ~ hiccups ass and hair is blessed

The Big Four>>>>>Lol I pinned each individual picture right before this:

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom is the only completely headcannon based fandom

Hiccup and Jack Frost

It's funny because it's meant to be Hicastrid but it turns into hijack

Part 1 This is not my art. I simply put to words what I saw. Please press the link attached to this image to see the real artist. Again I am not the artist.

Jack saves Merida and Hiccup from Pitch Black. Deviantart, artist unknown unless you click the link, I'm too lazy;

hmm possible idea?

excuse me while I drown in a pool of my own tears. (How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians crossover)

Pirate Crew by AndytheLemon on deviantART I don't ship either of them But i like the concept!<<How can u not ship Mericup tho?

Lime hael's newest post !!!

Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost and Frozen's Elsa / Triwizard-Champion Selection by Lime-Hael on deviantART