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Stitch School: Incredibly helpful instructions for embroidery stitches.

Another stitch from Erica Wilson& Embroidery Book is the guilloche . From the French verb guillocher , which means to ornament with lin.

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How to make sample stitch book

How to make sample stitch book Here's the method I've devised to make the Take it Further Fiber Book and the two volumes of Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch sa

'Oyster' stitch hand embroidery how-to's from the wonderful Mary Corbet

Oyster Stitch Video Tutorial

Needle 'n Thread: Video Tutorial "Oyster Stitch" - a petal shaped embroidery stitch made up of a combination of Twisted Chain stitch and Chain stitch.

No, you haven't missed any posts. I've just been re-adjusting some priorities, but would like to start sharing more detail about some of my...

RosalieWakefield-Millefiori: The Continuous Drizzle - A New Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Stitch Technique