Beautiful Anime Art - Puzzles, an interesting idea I do love the aesthetic though. First thing that pooped in my head was "Your the Missing piece.

[by DestinyBlue]

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25 Ilustraciones que explican los síntomas de la depresión y por qué no deberías ignorarlos

more meaningful art by DestinyBlue! Imprint - People leave marks on us. If Tears Left Scars - Blue’s idea is that perhaps sad tears would leave physical scars, but happy tears would rejuvenate.

La mia luce è la mia salvezza

I gazed into the pond. This is what I did, every night. Of course, the girl staring back at me was not my reflection, she was who these others worshipped.

This is so cute!

This elegant young lady reminds me of 'Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga (the graphic novel version.) <<The graphic novel wasn't that bad, actually

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Green-eyed girl avatar with freckles in violet tones, the artist DestinyBlue