Ammonites in the pavement outside the museum, Lyme Regis // Green Home. Image via:

Coade stone, ammonites in the pavement outside the museum, Lyme Regis. by arlene

Ammonite - Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish and Nautilus

Ammonite pavement in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Great Britain - a World Heritage Site. We went fossil hunting at Lyme Regis as kids! I took my husband a few years ago and we only found one fossil! I don't think he believed we used to find loads.

Garden of Oz - private mosaic garden in Hollywood, California, via Surfboard Mosaics flickr stream.

Garden of Oz – Mosaic Wonderland, amazing private mosaic garden in Hollywood, California. The garden belongs to Gail Cottman.

Flower mosaic pebbles between stepping stones. I so could do this with all my broken pieces of marble! Can't wait to try this!

another Jeffrey bale outdoor patio or stone walkway with mosaic grout

Suzhou garden path

Pebble path with roof tile border Tongli, China - I originally saw these in the gardens in Vancouver B. I have wanted to make a path like this in my .

I took this picture in Vancouver, love the pattern

Detail of stone mosaic path at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, B.

lilly pads

Cool piece of garden art- the look of a pond without the maintenance! ----- Trompe l'oeil fish pond mosaic by Gary Drostle, Woolwich, UK.


Gresgarth hall is the home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd, who is a nationally acclaimed English landscape and garden designer.

Pebble and slate path by Meta Mosaics. - See more at:

A similar take on a pebble & slate path by Oregon-based pebble mosaic designers Meta Mosaics. via inspiration green