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G MRX BR Pacifier SL f by ColonialChrome.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

One of the ships used by the Imperial Scout Corps. I built this up on the assumption that the lengths for this and the, er, Deep-X iirc, had the wrong l. G MRX BR Pacifier SL f

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G Byb G1-a Sl by ColonialChrome

G Byb Sl by ColonialChrome

The Barloz-class medium freighter was a medium stock ship popular during the time of the Galactic Republic. The Barloz-class was manned by a crew of two, with one gunner and up to four passengers. It was armed with single turret-mounted laser cannon.

Barloz-class medium freighter

I'm getting set to run my group through EotE for the first time. While the is obviously iconic, I kinda want them to have a ship that's separate from.

GN CEC PT1410 Aquis SL by ColonialChrome.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I'm pretty sure this was one of a batch of basic ships I originally doodled on a cigarette package. G UNK Freighter 2 SLb

U CEC YT-1300 MagentaPalenta SL by ColonialChrome

The Magenta Palenta was a ship I created to make me get off my idle bottom and generate the 'pretty' hull sections for the 1300 series. U CEC MagentaPalenta SL

UQ - CEC-YT-100 - Why FC - SL by ColonialChrome

UQ - CEC-YT-100 - Why FC - SL by ColonialChrome

Surronian Conqueror-class Assault Ship

Conqueror-class assault ship

The Conqueror-class assault ship was manufactured by a Surronian hive guild.

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MOD for Starship KDY Graceful by Yukonrob96

Modification of Star Wars KDY Graceful Transport, with upper and lower deck verses the single deck multi-passenger air bus version Source - co. MOD for Starship KDY Graceful