Dragon Age Inquisition - Happy Valentine's day by mortinfamiART.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dagan began sweating under Myra's fierce glare. As their eyes connected Myra's anger melted. Dagan smiled and looked lovingly upon his fiery mate. Finally Myra looked away with a sigh, her anger gone in Dagan's love filled gaze.

DA_oh bois by schl4fmuetze

"DA_oh bois by AWWWWW SUPER CUTE! plus zevran soaking in the nude. Please zevran. Contain your 'elven glory'.

A Few DA:I Commissions by mortinfamiART.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A Few DA:I Commissions by mortinfamiART on DeviantArt. I would totally have romanced Krem

DAI - Ancestors-willing She Will CLIMB IT by aimo on deviantART

*pops in after a while* So, Ser Bara Warden now has a name: Blackwall! If he's an LI, Inquisitor Cadash has something to say about that. DAI - Ancestors-willing She Will CLIMB IT

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new power by emedeme on DeviantArt

that proofs to be super useful new perk btw i barely update dA anymore because i'm losing interest on this site. i mainly stick around for. new power