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Kyle Gore has brought the goods at this year's St. Louis Transworld Halloween and Haunt Convention

Chet Zar Bio Born on November 12th, 1967, in the harbor town of San Pedro, CA, Chet Zar's interest in art began at an early age. His parents were always very supportive and never put any limits on his✖️No Pin Limits✖️More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest✖️

Chet Zar "Death Mantis" - Limited Edition SN - 17" by 22"-Paper


"yearoftheknife: xombiedirge: Harry Potter Concept Art: Death Eaters by Rob Bliss" I think it looks like a Necromancer's mask.

These are my latest paintings that I created using oil. by Zach Dunn

My Latest Horror Paintings Created With Oil

By Chet Zar #amazingforreal

Artist: Chet Zar Not a fan of how dark his artwork is, but I love the technique behind it.