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Love it!! So stupid.

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Words that really do have rhymes!

So things DO rhyme with orange, purple, circle and silver Ooohhhh My English Teacher has explaining to do!

No way! How old was he?

No way! How old was he?

I knew there was a reason I hate being cold at night

WTF-fun-facts : funny & weird facts if this is true i'm bumping up the temp to 75 degrees

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Why the USA should change its currency dimensions. ...Good Luck With That! - WTF fun facts

I didnt even know man wtf we recently changed a bills color becouse it was close to the other one and the people kept getting it mixed this is so stupid

Enjoy doing whatever the hell you like to do. You've only got one damn life, live it to your extent

Quite a bit of this I find to be true. But the second fact is a bit random.


Facts about weird, intersting weird information WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts<<<actually the just the sound of empty air and your breathing but whatever