Learn how to make a beaded rope choker, necklace, or bracelet using tubular herringbone stitch.

Tubular Herringbone Rope Necklace Pattern

Starman TrendSetter Chainon 90 SuperDuo beads, Color 1 50 SuperDuo beads, Color 2 11/0 Seed beads 10 CzechMates™ Lentils Finish: Clasp, Wire, 2 Crimp beads, Pliers. Crimp covers or spacer bead optional. The finished bracelet is 6 1/4" before clasp. Each SuperDuo row adds approx 1/4".

Starman TrendSetter Eileen Barker created her Chainon bracelet using SuperDuo and CzechMates® Lentil beads.

Pattern bijoux: Embellished Ndebele rope

(tut) Free pdf tutorial - Embellished Ndebele rope Stitch two layers at once on this easy herringbone necklace. by Rebecca Peapples

Slightly Twisted Herringbone Bracelet Necklace PDF Beading Pattern Tutorial

Beading Tutorial Pattern Bracelet Necklace - Twisted Herringbone Stitch - Simple Bead Patterns - Slightly Twisted

Twinherringbone.  #Seed #Bead #Tutorials

Seed bead jewelry free Tutorial for Twin Herringbone Discovred by : Linda Linebaugh

This necklace was designed as a reminder to stop along the path of life and savor the important moments and events. The rope is made using cubic right angle wea

Garden Path Necklace Bead Weaving Kit

Super Square Earrings are not so difficult project. A little bit of peyote stitch and embellishment. Beading tutorial is very detailed.

Tutorial Bermuda Earrings

I just stitched this one: complicated project but super clear instructions by one of my favourite designers! Tutorial Super Square Earrings - Beading Tutorials by

Triple and Quadruple St. Petersburg Chain - how to hook chains together for wider cuffs ~ Seed Bead Tutorials

At first glance, St. Petersburg chain might not seem like the most versatile stitch. It’s great for necklace straps and simple bracelets, fr.