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It's discovering the vast fields by your house, taking a walk by the river and taking in the scenery as Summer arrives in its full bloom. Image by Cannelle et Vanille

Daniel Smith Shrouded Forest

Daniel Smith Shrouded Forest

Daniel Smith's print Shrouded Forest is a magnificent image of a soaring bald eagle looking for prey in the foggy mist of the mountainside. Eagles prefer to live in areas with lakes or rivers and surr Mais


This is a repost of my picture from an old mine in Persberg, Sweden called Tilas Stoll.


After all, it is a component of nature and that which we are. Nature is covered with green, which is the reason this color is connected with life and fertility.


Enchanting autumn woods wedding inspiration that captures everything that makes fall so magical, with a persimmon and peach palette and mint & copper toile!