Black Canary by Chris Samnee

I'm not gonna lie, this was supposed to be Green Lantern, but I drew the ring on the wrong hand (Nerd Fail), and it seemed easier to change the character than the composition, so here ya go!

Heroic Words of Wisdom: Inspirational DC Superhero Quotes

Heroic Words of Wisdom by Adam Thompson (DC Comics / Superheroes / Green Arrow / Oliver Queen)

1girl black_canary black_gloves black_skirt blonde_hair bombshells choker cleavage dc_comics eyeshadow fishnets full_body gloves hair_flower heart_tattoo high_heels looking_at_viewer microphone oliver_queen pencil_skirt pin-up plaid simple_background skirt solo sparrow speaker tattoo thighhighs white_background

black canary black gloves black skirt blonde hair bombshells choker cleavage dc comics eyeshadow fishnets full body gloves hair flower heart tattoo high heels looking at viewer microphone oliver queen pencil skirt pin-up plaid simple background skirt

Green Arrow

Aquila_della_notte Comics Collections: The NEW 52 Story: Green Arrow [Parte