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Steep is the Hill by Malek Montag https://scriggler.com/detailPost/story/44459 Life presents some hard climbs...

Steep is the Hill by Malek Montag (Kevin Elam)

This is Ellsmera the elf city. The housed are made out of trees and nature is breathtaking. -

Wood Elf City deciduous forest trees river waterfall Kelsey's Favorite Places to Visit and Foods to Eat!

Dream Fantasy. More beautiful #fantasy #art pics www.freecomputerdesktopwallpaper.com/wfantasynine.shtml Thank you for viewing!

In the Fairy world * Fairy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Elf Fairy Fae Wings Fantasy Elves Faries Sprite Nymph Pixie Faeries Hadas Enchantment Forest Whimsical Whimsy Mischievous

Magic forest

The fairy harp hangs in the woods, played by every breeze.Long gone today are the fairy folk, who hung it high in the trees.


Fantasy, Tim Burton, Fantasia

Forest cottage.

Green Light- When Merida goes to the witches cottage; it gives the stage a spooky feel and look.

Kazumasa Uchio - DD

Stay a while. the fairies will appear soon for this is their enchanted forest glade. - art by Kazumasa Uchio -

Jim Lamb: I am fascinated by the landscape and the way the various qualities of light play upon it. My dad first influenced me to observe nature in this way. He was also an artist who loved the outdoors, and he often commented on the beauty so clearly evident in God's creation. Even at an early age I grew to love the landscape, and I found myself developing a passion to paint it. I paint my impressions of nature in a realistic style. In my early years, I was influenced by landscape paintings…

Jim Lamb: Moonlit Eucalyptus, Oil 16 x 20