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Ruby Aitken

Ruby Aitken (Melbourne, Australia), "Atomic No Milk packaging for the 'Next Generation.' Awarded a commendation at the Southern Cross Packaging Awards,

Hector SOS :: Packaging :: Farmacia Bolós

Hector SOS :: Packaging :: Farmacia Bolós (not sure about the font but I like the illustrations)

Zdravo Organic - Organic Food Redesign by Nemanja Jehlicka

Packaging inspiration

Zdravo Organic - Organic Food Redesign by Nemanja Jehlicka nice PD. maybe play with the label shape?

Lettering Time: 100 Etiquetas de Vino con mucho gusto tipográfico | by @LetteringTime

Great wine bottle designs by Swear Words for Bottle Of. I appreciate the lack of pretension and elegant simplicity of the designs - I have a tendency to choose wine based on the label and this definitely caught my attention. Found via the dielinewine.

Bubble Beasts (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Bubble Beasts (Student Project)

Bubble Beasts is a line of hygiene products for kids. Each bottle or container has a unique monster that kids can associate with baths, brushing their teeth, or other hygiene routines to make them a.

Imagen para la casa de tatuajes Giahi de Anagrama

Tendencias en diseño de packaging: el look básico y funcional

¿Y si todos esos frascos que hay en tu baño fuesen como piezas de LEGO?

Colorful Package Design Fontos Graphic Design Studio from Hungary created this colorful but minimalist packaging design for - baby bath and skin care products. More of the packaging on WE.

body and eden herbal elixir packaging with great clear costumer benefits and moods to make the buy!

The 25 Coolest Packaging Designs Of 2013