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This uses persuasion and people's fear of being weak or dying to convince them to have safe sex. It aims to persuade the audience to use condoms to protect themselves from aids with the use of a symbol which is wonder woman. She is considered an icon and is known for being a superhero. http://hollyemorrison.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/semiotic-analysis-raising-aids-awareness/

80 ejemplos de publicidad creativa

Aids make us equal - Aids campaign. It shows us that nobod'ys protected by the HIV and that we have to fight against the malady.

Keep a Child Alive: Alicia Keys is Dead - Print (image) - Creativity Online

Keep a Child Alive: Alicia Keys is Dead

Celebrities die digitally in this campaign for Keep a Child Alive, out of TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz

Duracell Some toys never die Ads by Advertising Agency Grey, Singapore.

Biomimicmarketing in Shockvertisement  French AIDS Campaign

Top 50 Shockvertisements

Biomimicmarketing in Shockvertisement - These very graphic, extremely disturbing ads are actually part of a real life AIDS campaign in France. The print advertisements consists of image.


Glassex Window Cleaner 40 Of The Most Clever Print Ads You Will Ever See

Good luck getting anyone to go down that escalator.

The idea is funny but someone could get hurt. So maybe a less scary idea. NatGeo - Mundo Selvagem by Miagui Imagevertising, via Behance

Una de publicidad creativa  con poco se dice mucho

The Print Ad titled NUN was done by Vegaolmosponce advertising agency for product: Axe Deodorant (brand: Axe) in Argentina. It was released in the Jul Hahaha this is far more realistic and effective than most of Axe's ads from my point of view.

Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation - A blog by Paul Kawata

The theme this year for World AIDS Day perfectly reflects the moment in which our movement finds itself.


A grassroots organization that aims to lower the HIV infection rate and neutralize stigma through education via social media and advertising.

In March, 2009, this 225 square meter sticker promoting Frontline flea and tick spray was placed on the main floor of three shopping malls in Jakarta, Indonesia. Brilliant. Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Jakarta.

The Four Best Unconventional Ads From The Last Four Years

Floor graphic that uses humans to re-create fleas on this dog. This giant “floor sticker” was placed in a shopping centre in Indonesia, the ad is for Frontline Flea & Tick Spray and uses the slogan, “Get them off your dog.

The girl

The Center For Protection Of Children's Rights Foundation: Girl(It never goes away. Help stop child abuse before it begins.