{Calum hood}"hey I'm calum! But call me cal. I'm 18 and single. I love music and I'm in a band called 5 seconds of summer. Ari is my sister. That's it's about me"I smile"Come say hey?"

And when he goes mad at me and do a cute face like this, I'll just look at him and smile until he'll just spontaneously forgive me.

I know it's fake, but I can't risk it

Can't risk it. it won't happen but i still can't risk it.

Calum Hood is sexy  that's all 5 seconds of summer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Calum Hood is sexy. All the boys of 5 seconds of summer are!

I’m becoming a Calum girl

I was just having a normal day until I saw this and about shat my pants. Why you do dis, Cal?

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Aww, this is so sweet, you can see her smile from the side of her face

This picture of Calum made me forget the meaning of "breathe". He is so goddamn beautiful.

He looks so perfect standing there Luke probably stole a pair of his underwear and ik now why hes so down <<< his concerned face is a work of art he is looking for the nearest Walmart

He looks so cute and awkward. Aww.

Oh Calum :) I just got an overwhelming longing to be able to hug him.my feels are out of control

Calum #5sos

Hey I'm Calum Hood! I'm in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer! I can be shy at first and awkward but then i like to goof off and stuff.

*dies*>>> even though It was a long time ago still -cries and dies-

*dies*>>> even though It was a long time ago still -cries and dies- <<Actually he was crying because of Michael and he got burnt too soooo, yeah.