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26 Disfraces que prueban que los Pugs siempre ganan en Halloween

Pug Yoda.

Lean on me

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I didn't scratch the rug In the family room under the light brown smaller table near the piano…

Beagles: trouble wrapped in cute. That’s a fact! – I’m trying not to pin EVERY beagle pic but they are just too adorable! So cute

If you are going to dream...dream BIG! (via @ Wild for Wildlife and Nature on Facebook)

If you are going to dream, dream big cute animals quote dream dog puppy pets bone

Funny Pug Dog Meme: Pug Puppies vs Bulldog Part 1

Let's all try to make him smile. He always has that sad face!

Omg Soda, you are the cutest! 5 Fun & Easy Home Pet Photography pet girl boy

Funny & cute animal pics {Part 36}  (17)

Oh right Larry, i heard this story a million times before. and changes every time!

these puppies are so cute! I just can't stand how cute they are.  scoop em' up and put them in my pocket!!

The dachshund - sometimes called the “wiener dog” or “hot dog” - is among the most popular dog breeds in the U.

Dog Shame | I sneak under the fence so my mom makes me where...

"I sneak under the fence so my mom makes me wear this." ~ Dog Shaming shame this makes me laugh!