Hi, my name is Olga. I am professional artist and watercolor addict from Ontario, Canada. Whether you already paint in watercolor or are thinking of learning...

New watercolor turtle painting tutorial filmed last summer 2015 and edited today Hope you'll love it! Basic techniques I used for my paintings I showed.

How to Paint Birds in Watercolor – Simply, Quickly and Expressively. - YouTube

Angela Fehr demonstrates a quick & loose watercolor effect, painting a chickadee bird on a snowy branch. This is a little taste of my Holiday Mini Watercolor.

Paint a quick hummingbird in watercolors {quick & easy!}

Today we are going to paint a humming-bird in watercolor. This was one of my most requested videos! I& even show you how to draw it simply. Have a look at today& video! Also I want to wish a hap.

How to Control Watercolour While Adding Fluid Color - Angela Fehr

Watercolor artist Angela Fehr demonstrates her favorite technique for painting fluidly in watercolour while still maintaining control.