Под водой — Синяя ночь

Kickcan & Conkers: Shop Watch: Les Moineaux Decoration (we all live n the yellow submarine)

illustrative ocean - Google Search - Munch? | Trip to the Ladies' Baths?

1910 Vintage Young Women and Mermaids Frolicking in the Big Ocean Waves Illustration Print via Etsy.

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington English-born Mexican artist, surrealist painter, and novelist)

I love the whimsy of this illustration, it reminds me of Ponyo. Hong, Bo-young

The Magic Faraway Tree. Cat swimming under the sea with the fish illustration - Hong, Bo-young.

By Giulia Tomai

would be really cool to use video/photo of a black and white portrait with graphic overlap with fish, water, blue, etc //// Illustrations by Giulia Tomai.

my way...(little nice story: "The Star Goddess: The Realm of the Goddess is far-reaching and mirrors the principle of “as above, so below”.  She is the holder of the earth and its life and her reach extends into the heaven’s and beyond.  In her form as the Star Goddess she is all inclusive and mistress of all the heavenly bodies, affecting not only the tides, as in the form of the Moon Goddess but space, time and matter." <3)

This work interests me because how the girl's hair and stars come together to form the top part of her body. The compositional balance the artist is using is her hair and body. The positive space would be her golden hair and the negative is the stars.

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Art print, orange goldfish, with flowing white lace fins on blue stained birch wood re-linked to the page of Breanna Reagan Art on Etsy.such a beautiful fish:):)