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Batman The Dark Knight minimalist Poster / by ExtremepandaDesign ___ XLIV ___ - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Legends of the Dark Knight by Michael McKone ...01/07/2014

mckone on

Batman by Rogers....with Neal Adams, Jim Aparo and Norm Breyfogle, one of the definitive Batman artists

some more Batman artwork by the late Marshall Rogers. Marshall died suddenly in reportedly from a heart-attack. he was only this guy was one of the DEFINITIVE Batman artists of all time, and.

Batman - Art Nouveau by iamacoyfish

The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes. There's not much better than seeing Batman and Iron Man as Art Nouveau heroes! Throw in Star Wars and Doctor Who and you have yourself artistic perfection!

The Joker / Batman

This is another piece of sketch art by Bruce Timm which shows The Joker dual wielding with pistols, I chose this because it really shows the dangerousness about The Joker, his is one crazy clown you don want to mess with.

The Dark Knight Returns by Robjenx on deviantART

Been a good while since I did any personal artwork, but I finally got round to reading ‘The Dark Knight Returns’…. and HOLY AMAZEBALL. The Dark Knight Returns