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Gruvia, Miraxus, and Bixanna Is it sad that the bottom one with Lisanna and the dolls saying apologize mimicking the exact voices making me laugh right now?

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I was in Walmart not too long ago and I saw this one guy wearing a Natsu shirt and scarf and I was staring cause, you know, cosplayer right in front of me. Anyways, another guy comes up wearing a Laxus shirt and I'm all tense because I wonder what's going to happen. The Natsu guy looks at the Laxus guy, smiles, turns around, and slowly holds up his thumb and finger while walking away. The Laxus guy laughs and does the same thing while I'm standing there silently fangirling

fairy tail, when i saw what this meant i cried. It means no matter where you are if you see this it means im always with you even if i cant see you. Fairy tail is not a guild it is a family

chibi lucy

I love Lucy and her relationship with her spirits makes me want to cry they're like a big dysfunctional family hehehe