"I demand freedom for both sexes." (Can patriarchy say that?).. Written In 1897 Over 110 Years Ago & We Are STILL Fighting!!

~ Emma Goldman, 1897 I'm no feminist but this is as basic as it gets.


freemindfreebody: “Pls raise your sons right, my daughter will have to deal with them.

internalized misogyny

I think a lot of willful young women start out doing this. They recognize injustice in the way they are expected to behave as women, but don't yet know enough to recognize that the most visible alternative is still unjust.

I was shocked when i realized how many of the movies I love dont pass this test. It makes me want to go into film even more so that I can make awesome movies that do.

Bechdel Test for movies . How does the movie treat women? A surprising number of really good movies fail :-

Feminism Is Working* | Bitch Media *"Our work isn't done."

Feminism Is Working

Okay, don't agree with the original point of this. Women shouldn't feel triumph at the idea of men being oppressed the way they were/are oppressed. The whole point is that oppression and fearing for your safety simply because of your gender is not a good thing. At the same time, a very apt comparison. So why don't we stand up for every gender's rights?

These Comics Absolutely Nail Why We Still Need Feminism

Feminist cartoonist Rebecca Cohen has created some awesome cartoon which show why we still need feminism.


You Have To Listen To The Powerful Feminist Speech Beyoncé Samples On Her New Album

It makes me laugh. But it also angers me. Because I realize how much I've allowed people to use such reasons against women. Even when I'm aware of the absurdity!

This Might Seem Hilarious. But Think Deeper.

Top 10 Reasons Men Shouldn't be Ordained. This goes to show why sexism in the church is absurd.

Because being deemed "feminine" doesn't preclude being feminist!

Ashley Judd speaks up against objectification and excessive scrutiny of women's bodies: "The conversation about women's bodies exists largely outside of us." Girls, lets stop this madness and start respecting each other for the strong women we are

"Life as a woman according to society" - I see these contradictions and double standards every day! It's just plain wrong.

I'm not a "feminist" but I do believe everyone should be treated equally. <-------- if you believe in gender equality then you are a feminist.

I consider this very important

Corporate Artistic Integrity - handling racism and prejudice in old cartoons. Well done, WB.

First Rule of taking the high road is do not talk about how you are taking the high road.

The first rule of taking the high road is not telling people you’re taking the high road. Especially when you only declare that you're taking the high road, but then immediately abandon the idea, with shitty behavior, lol.


My entire life can be summed up in one sentence: Well, that didn't go as planned. Darynda Jones I like this quote