20 Beautiful Icon Designs #Apps #Icon - Swiss Knife iOS icon

Swiss Knife iOS icon

Floppy disk icon by Ioan Decean Jul 20, 2011 via dribbble 217984

Floppy disk icon

floppy disk icon - free psd, made with vector shapes and layer styles More free psd files here: [link] floppy disk icon - free psd

Super Famicom Joypad iOS icon by David Im Feb 12, 2013 via dribbble 939164

Super Famicom Joypad iOS icon

Super Famicom Joypad iOS icon by David Im Feb 2013 via dribbble 939164

tv 25 Awesome Icons | Inspiration

25 Awesome Icons

Icons when created well can look absolutely spectacular. The little details and colours make you look really closely to see what makes it better than most

Willow App Icon by Louie Mantia #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Willow App Icon

Yesterday, Silph Co. released Willow, a companion app to Pokémon GO to help trainers learn more about individual Pokémon, their types, and which Pokémon might hatch from eggs. Willow for iPhone is.

This is really simple and neat. The shape really comes off as 3d in the space which is helped by the highlights of the plastic shading.

HutQa Icon

This is another beautiful collection of Mobile App Icons, This time we are gathered some inspiring and useful mobile apps UI Icons for design inspiration.

In this beautiful collection, we are presenting some handy and useful mobile apps UI Icons for inspiration. With these mobile app icons, designers can enhance

Ps3 slim appstore ico by Vladislav Arhipenko