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jennifer sanchez

Street art "Jennifer Sanchez is one talented lady. I am especially enjoying her recent series of pattern paintings.

Jennifer Sanchez   Textile Inspired print pattern

Jennifer Sanchez - Textile Inspired

JENNIFER SANCHEZ, NY.12.03 2012: no prints available on 20x200 yet, but maybe someday... www.20x200.com/aaa/jennifer-sanchez/

Colorful Artwork by Jennifer Sanchez

We have triangles on the brain. Today we merge our obsessions in CMYLK with the work of New York City-based artist Jennifer Sanchez.

Todd Chilton

i am thoroughly obsessed with maya hayuk’s paintings at the moment. photo via maya hayuk

Angelo Testa

Patterns + Prints (volume III)

ANGELO TESTA Wall hanging, ca. With a screen printed signature "angelo testa." 52 ½ x 36 ⅍ in. x 93 cm).

V I C I O U S L Y // C Y D

V I C I O U S L Y // C Y D

print & pattern blog features pioneer from john lewis

'sun-baked deserts and the landscapes of the american south-west". the graphic prints are strong and geometric with a colour palette of mocha, grey, and steel mixed with pops of colour with ochre, clementine, and opal blue