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Missing at the carnival.

writing prompt - 22 years ago, her 14 year old brother went missing at the carnival. Today he came back.

I didn't think I'd be the one to go against him. The other Five were better than me, but Connor said it had to be me. I was weaker, but I was more important.

The first disappeared on mars, the second fell into a black hole, the third supernova accident, the fourth.actually sounds kind of like Lorien legacies


He was very surprised when the homes window easily opened, it hadn't been locked. The thief silently crawled through the entrance and looked around the finely furnished house.

Hun, I don't know what to do. If I don't kill you, I'll be marked too. What about the children? What will they do if we are both marked, or worse, they see our marks and are forced to kill us or die. This is too much. Just too much.

This is an awesome prompt, Marks grow as you progress without being killed. Not grim reaper, but government, how to fight against it?

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writing prompt

writing prompt - I shot her - emptied the entire clip into her body. She never blinked, just examined me curiously as her wounds closed.

Writing prompt that would probably make me lose my mind

He runs off and you are looking for him. You shout, "Marco!" as a joke and hear at least twenty voices surrounding you respond, "Polo.

"Stop! Are you blind? Don't you see the sign?" He hissed pulling me back. I blinked at him, then at the sign.  "Children at play." I raised an eyebrow. "So? What about it." Echoes of childish laughter came from past the barb wire fence.  "The children are at play." His tone was urgent, obviously I was missing something. "No one escapes their games alive."

Children at play.

Writing prompt: In an alternate universe the caution sign "children at play" is not what it seems, it's a warning.

the person was my little sister. She emptied our families nightmares that were caught, trapped between the webs of our dream catchers. Every night I would here her screams echoing down the halls. I wanted todo something but there was nothing to do. So every night I lay there, her horrified shrieks pounding in my ears. In the morning I would give er a sympathetic look and she would smile and wipe away the tears. That was all before the nightmares got to intense. She died, later that…

Im the nightmare emptier. The horrible things I've seen.who could be have such horrible dreams? The reason I am the one whose job this is, is because I cannot dream. I cannot dream nice dreams or terrible ones. (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)

The eye color of humans changes with an individual's current emotions. One person is born without this trait and is mistrusted by many people. (Writing Prompt #520)

Writing prompt - The eye color of humans changes with an individual's current emotions. One person is born without this trait and is mistrusted by many people.


A house filled with doors.

Writing prompt: You eccentric great uncle recently died and left you his estate, which includes a rather large house filled with doors that don't always lead where you'd expect.

This goes along with another writing prompt I pinned. "You are Death's summer intern"

I think I can actually work woth kind of reminds of me of by Kurt Vonnegut and kind of reminds me of the Book Thief

You have a secret. You have always seen a translucent number floating above everyone's head. Most have a 0, few 1, but your girlfriend has a 37. You witness a murder on the way to propose to your girlfriend. As the assailant pulls the trigger, you watch the number above his head go from 1 to 0.

OH okay so the number is supposed to represent how many people you’re destined to kill in your lifetime. Your girlfriend is going to kill 37 people.

writing prompt Like and Repin. Thx Noelito Flow.

You look familiar.

When you were a child, you saw your parents get killed by a delusional man who claimed he was a time traveller. You thought he was just crazy, but as years pass and you grow older, your best friend starts to look eerily similar to your parents killer.