Partly Sunny pattern by Jennifer Weissman

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Ravelry: Miss Elliot Shawl pattern by Paulina Popiolek - A beautiful shawl named after one of my favorite Austen heroines.

Nancy Bush "Miralda"

Have to look it up on ravelry, this is just a pic. Miralda's Triangle Shawl designed by Nancy Bush. Pattern via Ravelry. This is a truly wonderful interpretation of this shawl.

$5 pattern on Ravelry “Moho” is the Spanish word for “rust”, and after binding off this shawl, I couldn’t help but think of an old ship on its last layers of metal due to the rusting that occurred after years at sea. Construction and techniques may be familiar, but the result is unique. Worked sideways in a growing chevron style, half the shawl is regular garter stitch, and the other half is created with mesh lace eyelets. Each section moves, creating a lovely edge that

Moho pattern by Christopher Salas

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Drachenfels pattern by Melanie Berg



Ravelry: Pennae Shawl by Hilary Smith Callis

Pennae Shawl pattern by Hilary Smith Callis

Ravelry: Seeds to Flowers pattern by Kristina Vilimaite

Seeds to Flowers pattern by Kristina Vilimaite

madelinetosh boneyard shawl

Madelinetosh Boneyard Shawl

The post about this finished knit is a little bit out of order, although I did only technically finish this project (by blocking it, I mean) last night – but the knitting was done a while ago…