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Dibujar con libros

Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey likes to experiment with the canvases he chooses for his whimsical paintings, including vintage paper, record covers, book pages, and most interestingly on hardcover books themselves.

Gorgeous sculptures made of books. Guy Laramée is a remarkable artist.

Les incroyables livres sculptés de Guy Laramée

Now books really do look interesting, don't they? Artist Guy Laramee created these amazing book landscapes by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Jacqueline Rush Lee - Absolute Depth (petrified periodical placed in glass tank & allowed to decay).

The Book Art of Robert The, Cara Barer, and Jacqueline Rush Lee

Il pittore e illustratore Mike Stilkey è un accanito topo di biblioteca, ma di un genere molto particolare. Nelle biblioteche va a cercare vecchi romanzi dimenticati, destinati ad essere gettati nella spazzatura, e li salva dando loro una stupefacente seconda vita: diventano le tele per le  sue incredibili opere d'arte.

Los Angeles-based painter Mike Stilkey re-uses books that he salvages from library dumpsters as sculptural canvases.

This is unbelievable and a little strange.

artist Mike Stilkey: uses books for his canvas.not really street art, but still pretty amazing!

Made from old bookcovers and painted by Mike Stilkey. Breathing Books Archive. (Source: amazingonly.com)

Artist Mike Stilkey is painting artistic images on the spines of stacked books. His art is called “book sculptures”. Stilkey uses acrylics and colored penc

NINA GARNER...'Sullivan's Island'  2011 coffee stained silver gelatin print with fabric, thread, twine, graphite and snake skin on book cover.

'Sullivan's Island' 2011 coffee stained silver gelatin print with fabric, thread, twine, graphite and snake skin on book cover.

Another sculpture from the "Library Phantom": ...over at the Writer's Museum — it's not clear how long it had been there — was a sculpture propped atop the donations box in the Robert Louis Stevenson room. It was a street scene, with birds, people, cobblestones, all under a dangling moon hanging in the sky.

The Library Phantom Returns!

Artist Mike Stilkey uses acrylic paint on backdrops made out of books, including this piece on display at the Bristol Museum -- from Mental Floss

13 Sculptures Made Out of Books

Bristol Museum, acrylic paint on book backdrop by Mike Stilkey, photo by Jans-World.

Painted Book Sculptures by Mike Stilkey | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Painted Book Sculptures by Mike Stilkey LA-based artist Mike Stilkey creates whimsical painted sculptures out of stacked books.

brian dettmer art | Tags: Brian Dettmer art book sculptures artwork

Brian Dettmer Book Art - Absolute Authority, Hardcover book, acrylic medium, x x - Image Courtesy of the Artist and Wexler Gallery

The Spirit Books by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord - A local to our library and a great program host!

The Spirit Books by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord “The Spirit Books bring together my love of the book and my response to the natural world that we see and the invisible one that lies behind it.