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Un gran impacto sacó a la luz el hielo de agua del subsuelo de Marte y creó una inundación

La increíble historia de los ríos del Sistema Solar

Un gran impacto sacó a la luz el hielo de agua del subsuelo de Marte y creó una inundación

"Vesicles bursting out of a synapse" From now think of your mood swings as a colourful party in your brain with the synapses throwing confetti.

frontal-cortex: Scanning electron microscope picture of a nerve ending that has been broken open to reveal the synaptic vesicles beneath the cell membrane. Image by Tina Carvalho. The Cell: An Image Library


Created by Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in The typeface used is the Spencerian script. It was developed in the century and was the dominant form of formal handwriting in the United States.

Microsoft has just unveiled a new look and feel to its corporate logo. Following 25 years from its former iteration, this is the first major Microsoft logo change in the company's history

Microsoft unveils its new logo, the first major change in 25 years


Leave it to nature to provide this wonderful example of color and texture (tree bark).

A fascinating video on how batiks are made in Bali (16:54)

The making of Moda Batik fabrics

Scientists find way to trap, kill malaria parasite

Colorized electron micrograph of red blood cell infected with malaria parasites (blue). The small bumps on the infected cell show how the parasite remodels its host cell. Uninfected cells (red) have smoother surfaces.

The main Apple Logo is comprised entirely of the fibonacci sequence

Apple logo superimposed on two or three Fibonacci geometry grids. There's a reason we like this logo.


"We are our memories, we are this illusory museum of moving shapes, this heap of broken mirrors.

magnified chicken muscle

Dennis Breitsprecher Hannover, Germany Specimen: Actin from chicken muscle Technique: TIRF Microscopy

Lava flow… Iceland. © Justin Reznick

Pinner: Once the lava cools we tend to pass it by, but I was amazed at the intricacy and patterns within. This 10 foot section over the lava tube was by far the most fascinating section I came across. Lava by Justin Reznick.

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