Dog Bed in a suitcase

Cute Idea: DIY Vintage Suitcase Dogbed

cute floral fabric in vintage suitcase dog bed - minus the lid - Rory would totally close it on himself.

This is the SAME exact suitcase I have of my great-grandmother's! As much as she loved her little dog, I know that she wouldn't mind me using one of her belongings for my new "baby"!

suitcase dog bed I can't decide which is cuter . The pooch or the bed! I love these suitcase beds but my dogs are too big to make them even feasible. Maybe if I found a steamer trunk .

Take lid off for pet bed, leave lid on for toy box

Grey Retro Suitcase pet bed for small dogs and cats from etsy shop CoolFUNKYgifts. Loki LOVES sleeping on my suitcase before I leave.

Have some well-worn suitcases that won't be seeing anymore travel time? Turn them into comfy pet beds. - Capper's Farmer Magazine

Make a Simple Suitcase Pet Bed - Do It Yourself Projects - Capper's Farmer

Have some well-worn suitcases that won't be seeing anymore travel time? Turn them into comfy pet beds.

Dog bed out of an d drawer.... Really need to make Charlie one of these.

Old dresser drawer dog bed. Cool idea but I don't think there are any drawers big enough for Dobies.


Recycled Vintage Suitcase Made into Unique Pet Bed

Recycled Vintage Suitcase made into Unique Pet Bed in diy accessories with suitcase pet bed

a drawer and a pillow.. cute

DIY pet bed could be a dresser drawer with legs attached - cept I would make a baby doll bed

DIY dog bed.  Would be nice to have a pillow for the pet.

DIY Dog Bed #LowesCreator

DIY Repurposed Dresser Drawer Dog Bed **Or it could be a cool babydoll bed!

15 stylish dog beds

Easy Ideas For A Pet Bed

dog bed cat bed pet bed 25 Things to Sew for Your Gadgets 19 Simple DIY Pet Beds

Suitcase dog bed

Suitcase Pug (Recycling, Walnut Creek CA) ~ Call I Haul - Rare Treasure Stories

Upside down discarded table makes a royal bed for a pet.

Ok so this is a another side table turned doggy Bed But I think it would make for a great newborn Photography prop!---or even a dolly bed for the little princess! for-our-feathered-furry-and-scaley-friends

Dog bed I used a wooden chair for my friends tiny dog

cozy cute pet bed awww Awesome dog bed made from an old end table.

23 Cosas hechas a mano que harán feliz a tu perro

23 Cosas hechas a mano que harán feliz a tu perro

Whelp, I’ve jumped on the vintage suitcase dog bed bandwagon. What, you ask, are vintage suitcase dog beds? Well these adorable pet beds are basically just upcycled old suitcases.

Suitcase beds are really cute, my problem would be finding a good place for it. Especially in a smaller house/apartment, you really can't have a bunch of things like this just lying around. Maybe if one was on top of a bookshelf or cabinet or fridge as decoration and elevated cat bed? I don't know.

What an awesome idea! Look how proud this Dachshund is of her new DIY dog bed made from a vintage suitcase