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The Prince of the Woodlands had struggled and pleaded before his end. He had been a fool, thinking all forests were the same. “Little elfling wanted to be sneeeaky” Uglur sniggered to himself, “Little elfling thought he was so smaaart”. He licked his.

Donato Giancola - Princeps - Hunger

The art gallery of science fiction and fantasy artist Donato Giancola

Protector Of Hunted Animals by Andrei Cristea | 3D | CGSociety

roguetelemetry: “(via ArtStation - Skull, Andrei Cristea) ”

This image is a mix between a monster and a zombie. I think that this image is very interesting because of how the zombie is shaped out. I think that it has some good characteristics for being a zombie. For example, sharp teeth etc. I think that it would a good thing to draw from as well.

That would give almost anyone nightmares. I guess I'm weird, because I actually enjoy nightmares.

Some old interior illustrations from Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare depicting events and stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline (now called Legends). The fortress and shipyard world of Kuat, home of Kuat Drive Yards, the manufacturer

Link Grows Up, Can Now Actually Carry All That Stuff

Link Grows Up, Can Now Actually Carry All That Stuff

savra golgari queen - Google Search

Example of where voodoo trinkets could be placed (on body, hair, staff). (There will NOT be rips in the clothes like this) Todd Lockwood