All Things Crafty: Another Cowboy Hat into Steampunk Top Hat

All Things Crafty: Cowboy Hat into Steampunk Top Hat - I wonder if this would work as well as the picture shows. Cowboy hats are so much cheaper than top hats!

Lacy Steampunk Glove by

This is a leather glove with a cashmere lining that I modified into a steampunk glove. Available on Etsy [link] [link] Lacy Steampunk Glove

Steampunk leg warmers/spats

(CS: would make good boot covers to change things up) Cool accessory to jazz up your shoes. I think they make nice ankle warmers, too.


"Steampunk" by princesschandler not sure if id ever wear any of this but i love the idea, and steampunk disney princesses?

Ms. money penny. $298.00, via Etsy. I don't know where I would wear it but I would wear it well

Jungle Tribe: Money Penny Belt leg holster bag post-apocalyptic-and-dieselpunk-fashion

Work gloves? LARP gloves!

Steampunk Sky Pirate Gloves by *kyphoscoliosis on deviantART (Easy DIY using Dollar Store gardening gloves.) I've decided all gloves go on the jewelry board.