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Sueños en movimiento

Underwater dance by Vitaly Sokol aka Willyam Bradberry


russiansnowqueen: “ “Subaquatic Beauty”: Marcelina Sowa photographed by Alix Malka for Numéro Tokyo ”


bare feet, sand and sea

The Sea

Interview with Underwater Photographer Elena Kalis Beautiful Underwater Images] - Digital Photography School

the mermaid's breath x @paigeegordon @paige.eg x

I love the idea. It doesn't even require a waterproof case for the camera! Example of Underwater photography.

Underwater Photography / Fashion / Dress / Woman / Floating // ♥ More @lDarkWonderland

Photograph Untitled by Светлана Беляева

How often have you looked at a photo and thought, ‘how did they do that?’ Among a sea of selfies and food shots some photographs are so intriguing or beautiful that they demand your attention and make you wonder. But what might be a passing interest for some, for me is an obsession. I've spent years studying trick photography and Photoshop techniques because knowing how a photo was created enhances the magic for me rather than ruining it.

I’m Obsessed With Trick Photography And I Want You To Be A Part Of It

How to fake an underwater photo with Photoshop * Hayley Roberts PhotographyHayley Roberts Photography

Photograph Escape by Elena Kalis on 500px

Underwater photograph by Elena Kalis

Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Water=Life, a resource to protect. Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis

Fashionable Fairytale Shoots: PetOrly's 'Pride and Prejudice' Features Lush Landcapes

Fashionable Fairytale Shoots

Underwater photos by Elena Kalis