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Koala laundry time

I want a baby koala in a laundry basket, whose cheeks I can pinch.


Jimmy, an orphan whose mother was rundown by a car, is the star of the documentary Koala Hospital. Image courtesy of Susan Kelly.

Mustache Dog...so cool #pitbull

Mustache Dog...so cool #pitbull

Researchers recently learned that koalas have the equivalent of human fingerprints, on their noses. This discovery will help in researching these marsupials, who have experienced habitat loss.

The Downy bear ain’t got nothin’

Koala in a laundry basket giraffe Awww. Baby Okapi May I have this dance - polar bears

Related image

Related image

you call it pintrest i call it virtual hoarding - koalla (I mispelled pinterest - sorry)

Koalas, they are those cute little things living in Australia. These creatures will make your day better after you scroll down to the last picture.

gosh.  What a face.

23 Adorable Babies That Will Melt Even The Stoniest Heart - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Baby Koala

Baby Koala in pouch. - the Koala's pouch is 'upside down' the opening faces the koala's feet - Australia

The 29 Cutest Koalas That Ever Roamed The Earth

The 29 Cutest Koalas That Ever Roamed The Earth

Snuggle up with a warm and fuzzy Aussie mate.