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Calaveras de Azúcar – Lit Ediciones

Calaveras de Azúcar – Lit Ediciones

Thor x Loki (Thor)

xDBueno, me gusta el thorki. No soy fan, tan FAN, pero me gusta…

Marvel has loads of amazing characters to choose from, and as the MCU gets more and more expansive, there are even more variations on the characters we love for cosplayers to choose from. And there are tons of ways cosplayers can recreate their favorite characters apart from a straightforward cosplay, including genre mashups, unique perspectives on the characters, and gender swapping. You could lose hours of your life searching through the amazing Marvel cosplay out there, so to save you…

Captain Stephanie Rogers And The Gender-Swapped Marvel Heroes Will Make You A True Believer

Fem Thor and Loki cosplay- I love that they are covered up! I'd actually wear these!<=== thank you someone actually agrees that there are too many revealing Fem Thor and Loki cosplayers. Aside from that best genderbent cosplay I've seen if the two

I thought you dead! by crimson-sun || Loki Laufeyson, Thor Odinson, Frigga, Odin || 400x1441 || #fanart

My favourite character after watching Avengers was Loki, and I was apathetic about Thor. My friends suggested I watch Thor, which I hadn’t seen at the time, because Loki was supposedly more dignified.

Why must a pic of two arms be so sad?!

Brothers of Asgard by Kaysha Siemens. What I love about this is if you look at it this way, its Thor saving Loki from a fall; but if you turn it, its Loki holding onto his younger brother, Thor

I am totally for top!Loki but this is too beauty.<--- Really? I always thought that Thor would be top

I am totally for top!Loki but this is too beauty. I always thought that Thor would be top

Adorable!  I love their Bro-ventures so much!!!! #Loki #Thor

I asked my brother last night if it would be possible to jump from a trampoline into the top bunk of a bunk bed. He said nothing until I said, "Thor can." His reaction?" lol My mom is letting the Avengers influence us WAAAY too much.

.......Psh...... I'm not sobbing....... uncontrollably....... hard....... at.... this................ #tears

Thorki - My Immortal by ~blargberries on deviantART-- 'ahem' .did anyone else think this was a tear jerker ?