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Dear santa, either u get me what I want or dancer and dasher are next. make it happen fat man!

Stfu Carl

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Lazy dad or creative??

Parenting level: genius My brother did that when he'd play new Halo levels. But once he had discovered all of its secrets he'd let me plug in my controller. I love my brother :)


Add free beer for life and it'd be over before Budweiser could sign the contract.

Tom Hanks and his daughter mocking Toddlers & Tiaras. HAHAHA This is too funny!!!! XD

Hanksgiving: Why We're Thankful for Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and his daughter mocking Toddlers & Tiaras. I'm dying! I can't stand the toddlers and tiaras crap.Tom Hanks is amazing.


"No, boy, you've got this hunting thing all backwards." View "Raccoon Violates Beagle" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Funny fact, look at the GOT bloopers where Peter laughs when Jack saying 'Hurry up, this pie is dry'

Game of Thrones True fact (I've seen this a lot on other GoT boards and never pinned, so this time I thought what the hell)

self-deprecating humor or self-defecating humor?

My friends new corgi. Now I want one.

Screw this! Im going hunting! #Hunting #Humor #Ecard . Support women who hunt! www.facebook.com/savagesisters

Free and Funny Halloween Ecard: As my parents did to mine, I look forward to raiding my kids' Halloween stash for the good candy. It's the Circle of Life.


The muffin man.Yes I know the muffin man, who lives on Dury Lane? Well she's married to the muffin man! The Muffin Man? THE MUFFIN MAN!

Your Name is Willie

Jase Robertson “You can turn water into wine if your name is Jesus. Last time I checked, your name is Willie.” Sadly, Willie didn't know it till he'd bought the wine yard.

Baby Yoda

Funny pictures about Cute ears.oh wait. Oh, and cool pics about Cute ears.oh wait. Also, Cute ears.oh wait.