*:•.♡.•:* Inteiro Amores pela metade não me satisfazem, meias amizades não me convencem, um quase sorrir não me conte…

Elegant feather-quill pens, and parchment paper to write your deepest emotions.

Handwritten letters

Handwritten letters

Wrap old worn books in scrapbook paper for a new look! Stack and tie with ribbon or a length of fabric for display.

Blooming Books

old books wrapped in vintage wall paper or scrapbook paper The Best of home decor ideas in

French Interiors

Rustic table setting inspiration and idea for your dining room or kitchen table. Make your party, event, or family dinner not only beautiful, but memorable by doing home décor your DIY way!

Letters were the most precious treasure in these times of holy war, keeping the most sacred and beautiful words and feelings on the paper.

Would be a nice way to bring the doilies out of the attic for a display

A wonderful detail for the bedroom. Box of Antique "Lace", Doilies, hand embroidered table linens

Ahh, The Pretty Things

Just a quick stop to say hello and share with you the most beautiful antique find, I have ever come across with.When I was in Atlanta, I visited Scott Antique Markets.