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Técnica mixta sobre papel hecho a mano

Técnica mixta sobre papel hecho a mano

Another embroidery on a teabag by Missouri Bend Studio artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto. She did a whole series of these.

♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ Embroidery on a teabag by the wonderful Missouri Bend Studio artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

Trace of Falling Leaves by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto / Missouri Bend Studio - hand embroidery on teabag mounted on Japanese paper http://www.flickr.com/photos/missouribendstudio/5001952602/in/set-72157624962407694 http://www.etsy.com/shop/missouribendstudio

Trace of Falling Leaves: hand embroidery on teabag mounted on Japanese paper by Missouri Bend Studio (Patti Roberts-Pizzuto)

Wisdom of the ancients. Original mixed media drawing by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto. #rowenamurillo

Wisdom of the Ancients - Mixed Media Drawing by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto / missouri bend studio

i think i'd like to get a time stamp, or a date stamp, whatever it's called. i think it looks sweet. and starting a simple daily sketchbook of something small, simple and sweet like this seems like something awesome. a way to put how you're feeling at the moment into a blob of mysteriousness

from the "Diary Entries" series by American artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto. via HandEye Magazine

Embroidered Drawing on Teabag no.4 by Missouri Bend Studio, by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto

Embroidered Oak Leaf on Teabag (Hand Stitched Drawing on Teabag by Patti Roberts Pizzuto, Missouri Bend Studio,

Last Days Before Dying, 2007, acrylic, ink,embroidery, hand made paper  http://modernistaesthetic.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-12-02T06:48:00-05:00=12

patti roberts pizzuto - last days before dying - acrylic, ink, embroidery, hand made paper. via JS