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Artistic Pendant Lights Glass Egg with 1 Lights on http://www.paccony.com/product/Artistic-Pendant-Lights-Glass-Egg-with-1-Lights-19031.html

Artistic Pendant Lights Glass Egg with 1 Lights. Probably not great for actual light, but still beautiful

Niche Coolhaus Pendant in Sapphire

Reminiscent of glass from the Art Deco Period, the Coolhaus modern pendant light is sleek and sharp.

Artistic Pendant Lights Glass Egg with 1 Lights on Paccony.com

Artistic Pendant Lights Glass Egg with 1 Lights

Aurora Modern Pendant Light by Niche lighting.  $625 each.  But, aren't they gorgeous?  I want three for my breakfast bar.  *sigh*  *wistful sigh*

Aurora Modern Pendant Light Pendants by Niche Modern: Aurora is a word for the phenomenon seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter the earth's magnetic field.

Ting-w E27 Industrial Vintage Chandelier LOFT Pendant Lig... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J2WHRXY/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_x_N0S7ybGYY9EMR

One of the original Niche designs, the Aurora modern pendant light features our signature inward curvature that perfectly showcases the nostalgic style bulb.

Nightsky Pendant III

Nightsky pendant III One-light steel pendant with a smooth glass shade. Product: PendantConstruction Material: Steel and glass

Mason jar lights

Festive of July Summer Nights Sparkling Celebration Clear Glass Ball Mason Jar Lights - Eco Wedding - Original BootsNGus Design - Discovered this one while seeking Hunger Games.

Hoop LED Lighting by TossB - hoop 950 hanging designed by tossB available colors white painted 16W (T78H1DWL) white painted 45W (T78H2DWL) white painted 90W (T78H3DWL) white painted RGB (T78H4DWL) lamp LED 'Hoop' is a LED luminaire that stands out by its monumental and architectural design. The technologies that are used are adapted to the simplicity of thering-shaped luminaire. A flexible LED strip is mounted invisibly inside the steel ring creating a diffuse and soft illumination.

Hoop is a pendant lamp recently designed by the Belgian lighting manufacturer tossB. I think they have designed a smart and simple product using a .

Artifact Lighting - Copper Coolicon 050, £75.00 (http://www.artifact-lighting.com/copper-coolicon-050/)

Coolicon Industrial Copper Pendant Light

I've just found Copper Industrial Pendant Lamp. Modelled on the industrial design classic of the Coolicon, our copper reproductions give this iconic design a modern twist.

Bottle Design Pendant, 1 Light, Minimalist Ir... – USD $ 79.99

UMEI™ Bottle Design Pendant, 1 Light, Minimalist Iron Painting

The Bella modern pendant light lends itself beautifully to environments where repetition is appropriate for high impact, such as a row of lights over a kitchen counter or a cafe bar.