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Tea cup

28 Fascinantes inventos para los amantes del té

In December, George Lee will begin selling his Tea Tie mug that lets you tie up your tea bag as it's steeping. Plan to take the kids and make some ceramic gifts. Already had ideas for my coffee mug, this will be great for the tea drinkers in hte family.

bon idée

colorful teacups with teabag holders. To be honest, I don't know why you'd put your teabag in the pouch unless it was loose tea, but the holes are too big for even large leaf loose tea.

Tipping Tea Cup - once tea is seeped, tip the cup to move leaves away from the water. I need a few of these

This is great for those teas that can be steeped multiple times :-) Tipping Tea Cup - once tea is seeped, tip the cup to move leaves away from the water.


"I love you." "I know" best coffee cups ever. Star Wars tea or coffee cups.

Cat mug

Black Cat Porcelain Cup ~ 15 More Creative Cups and Mugs

New inventions get put out into the world every day, but sometimes, they’re kind of pointless. Thankfully, there are also plenty of awesome inventions that could potentially make our lives infinitely more awesome. Below, we’ve compiled 33 of them. Some of these gadget are still in the early phases of design (or simply exist as …

30+ Borderline Genius Inventions That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

Thermal Mug that indicates how hot and full your coffee is

Mug with a Temperature Sensor

Battery image appears when you pour in hot liquid, levels go down as your hot drink goes down, might be the coolest coffee mug ever.makes a person feel like, they're in 'charge' .

Tea for Two

Tea for 2 set. - oh, I really love this idea, would be an interesting gift for a couple, maybe even a wedding gift for tea lovers

Seattle Aquarium | Octopus Mug Online Store

I think it would be super fun to find an Octopus at the bottom of my cup in the morning! Octopus Creature Cup by Yumi Yumi

0 colourful Snail Tea bag Holders

How adorably awesome! Weird that they're snails, though! snail-tea-bag-holders-soulfun-design Want!

Керамические чашки бывают необычайно красивыми, иногда смешными, иногда они просто неописуемы. Если не верите, посмотрите ниже :) В прошлый раз была подборка креативных чайников. Как и обещали, теперь оригинальные керамические чашки.

Antique White Mug-glove Handwarmer Mug - 12 oz- handmade wheelthrown pottery from JessHunterCeramics on Etsy.

maybe i should rename this board to "things i want, but should probably give to other people".

Cup ceramic vessel of tea mug It' s only a storm in a teacup pause tea break ideas!

cat measuring cups

20 Cat-Themed Items You Need For Your House Right Meow

How cute are these kitty cat measuring cups? All of us have a “loopy cat woman” that we all know in our lives that might love these LOL. These can be good for my sister in regulation. She solely has two cats however I do know she’d love them.

tea for two by Mark Huang: pivoting tea pot creates an intimate shared tea experience - complete with a candle for mood and a little heat for your tea

“Tea for Two” is a beautiful wooden tea set, perfect for those times when you feel like spoiling yourself. With a refined and functional design created by Mark Huang, the set features a teapot, two cups and a special place for a candle.

Egg Poacher

Cuisipro Egg Poacher (set of - Perfect poached eggs made easy with this silicone basket. Unlike poachers that bob along in a pan, these little baskets slip over the rim so it& safe and easy to retrieve your perfectly cooked eggs.