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HOPE is a street artist and has stood out with his interventions at the streets of Athens.

HOPE is a street artist and has stood out with his interventions at the streets of Athens.

Astro created his first graffiti art in 2000 in the morthern suburb of Paris

Parisian graffiti artist Astro contorts flat architectural facades into illusory vortexes with a vibrant graphic twist.

André Dalata

The Distorted Street Faces Brazilian artist Andre Muniz Gonzaga has been turning haphazard, porous, or cracked surfaces into bizarre, misshapen faces in his unique style of street art portraiture

Justin Bua (born 1968) is an artist from New York City’s Upper West Side, raised between Manhattan and East Flatbush, Brooklyn. BUA was fascinated by the raw, visceral street life of the city. He attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and complemented his education on the streets by writing graffiti and performing worldwide with breakdancing crews.

Dante HOROIWA - Cryptic Duality , 2009 / Rotterdam, Netherlands, Mural Painting 20 m x

Athens Street Art 05 by Alexandros Vasmoulakis

Collection of urban art in Greece & Athens street art from many urban artists // See more graffiti art ffrom many street artists on Mr Pilgrim online

Voiceless children are the center of this heart breaking and introspective street art poster by Stamatis (STMTS)

◦ Unspoken ◦ location: Athens, Greece Identification Street Art Save My Life

The photorealistic street art of WD - The Greek Foundation

28 works of street art that make you say: how did they even think of this?

Children from different cultures laugh together in this street art poster by STMTS that celebrates unity and acceptance

Street-Art-by-STMTS - STMTS is a young street artist in Athens, Greece who has been creating large scale drawings on paper and then attaching them to the walls of various public buildings throughout Athens.

Street artist Stamatis (STMTS) gives a voice to the next generation in his powerful graffiti posters that focus on social statements surrounding children.

STMTS is a young street artist, passionately creative and socially active being with big ideas. He created wonderful pieces of street art in Athens, Greece.

Exhibition-ism - Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington Dead Meat - The Conor Harrington 'Dead Meat' portrait series features a series of historically inspired portraits. Fused with color bursts and street.

Graffiti artist STMTS calls this poster art work You Make Me Sick and the colors really add to the sickly nature of the art work

Stamatis Makes a Social Statement with His Sticker Street Art