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Saint Johns church on Lake Bohinj in winter, Slovenia. Photography by Ian Middleton

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живые картинки

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Snow sunrise, beautiful

“Sunrise in the snowy woods - Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna National Park, Italy by Roberto Melotti”


Aren't those snowflake photos by Yuji Obata beautiful? As a I child I remember spending hours catching snowflakes and admiring their beaut.

Incredible Ice Tree

Ice on a weeping willow tree. I took a picture similar to this one when i was approximately 15 years old, we had a tremendous ice storm in 1978 in MA.

Beautiful snow scene in the country #CountryLandscape

Beautiful snow scene in the country #CountryLandscape

1:海外の反応 引用元:Facebook 2:海外の反応 日本よ…待ってろ!すぐ行くからな! 3:海外の反応 …

1:海外の反応 引用元:Facebook 2:海外の反応 日本よ…待ってろ!すぐ行くからな! 3:海外の反応 …

~Blue Winter Day~

Path to the log cabin.Snowy winters A Quiet Christmas Morning in the Colorado Snow

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It may be cold but the beauty is just overwhelming.  I would love to see this!Njupesk�r Waterfall, Sweden

Winter was so cold that waterfalls froze. Photo of the frozen Njupeskär waterfall, in Sweden. Niagara Falls in The USA and Canada has frozen many times over the years too. Amazing to see.

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