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Kit Bondage Suspension & Menottes de Porte - 50 Nuances de Grey - Fifty Shades of Grey

This Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Ultimate Control’ handcuff restraint set is perfect for beginners who love exploring bondage. This set is a BDSM bedroom delight and

I would love to steal his hoodie

I wanna be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear and cuddles up next to when its cold, be the one who comes up behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, catches me off guard && whispers you look beautiful! I am that girl :)

12 Of The Best Love Quotes Of All Time…

12 Of Some Of The Best Love Quotes Of All Time…Emily Bronte one is my favorite quote of all time from my favorite book except for TAYLOR swift she can leave

When I met you...

- The same thing happened to me. I never understood until I met you and got to know you.

This is sweet :) looks like me and mine are on the right track

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first loves, and protect each other like siblings, it's meant to be.

How many more lives are you people going to ruin? How many more people have to die or go to jail or suffer because of your inability to be decent. I never asked you to perform miracles? I just wanted you to talk to me. Alone, as yourself. But you won't ever do it. I deserve that much. I deserve to get my closure and leave. I don't think I can ever be happy around here. Not after this. It's too much, and I'm too young and I have so much ahead of me. Why am I not allowed to be happy ever? Why?

If my sister cared enough about me to read this, would she care about what this says and how it makes me feel? How stupid I am.

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Who here carries a small toolkit as an alternative to a multi-tool? In my experience, multi-tools can do a large number of things, but all of them not.

YES from anybody because nobody thinks its okay to hug you........

45 Inspirational Quotes For Teens

Discover 45 Inspirational Quotes For Teens. Inspirational quotes for teens to help find their easy as well as happy life.


This is what I want for my girls.I want a guy who reminds you of your own father. I want a guy who wants to be a father. And I want a guy who has The Father in his heart!

Find someone who traces the lines in your hands just to feel close to you and someone who believes the oceanis trapped in your eyes. Find someone who love the bones in your body and loves the skin you live in. Find someone who will help you love yourself.