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Spikey Bits: Lego Dreadnought of Chaos- Pic of the Day

Spikey Bits: Lego Dreadnought of Chaos- Pic of the Day

"Oppressor" Heavy Hardsuit by Garry_rocks, via Flickr

Tried some new types of body/cockpit. It turned out to be bigger and heavier than I intended it to be, also too craggy, but this frame is much more reliable, than those I used before. And I really like that chest!

UBURO class SYD MEAD's stealth dropship...

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Drone | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

:D So I made a drone. This very slightly shorter than ¡Color!'s drone. A minifigure comes to it's shoulder's.

LEGO Space Marines by Scharnvirk.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Second stage of my Space Marine Army project finished. Now there are two full squads of Marines, one Tactical and one Devastators, a Dreadnought, Land Speeder and a fully remotely controlled Power-Functions powered Predator tank.

Red Unit "Kingfisher"

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack sounds like a Japanese game involving giant robots and, well, that's not terribly far off from the truth. Only it's not a video game, it's a tabletop game. And instead of using plastic pieces, it uses LEGO.

Somertek 'Bulldog' ACV- turrent variant

This variant is equipped with a manned turret up top that houses a machine gun.