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Elephant Tattoo

Done in I am in love with Elephants and it has a familiar meaning to me. Elephants represent power, stability, family and companionship like no other animal. Done by Bacon Campinas-SP, Brazil.

forearm tree tattoo Tattoo

In tattoo art, a tree symbolizes life-and every part has a deep meaning. The roots signify the strong foundation, keeping the entire tree firmly grounded beneath the soil. The trunk depicts resilience, standing up to…

ganesh tattoo

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cool elephant tattoo, elephants are the most selfless and caring animals on this planet, they have this amazing link between kin and they are also the sign of Ganesha

that's a tattoo idea!

Best Owl Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

owl everything from owl designs to owl art the owls are here for you. owl be watching

Tatoo: maybe a tree growing out of its trunk or flowers or water

Tattoo: maybe a tree growing out of its trunk or flowers or water I love elephant tattoos for granny

37 Mind Boggling Elephant Tattoo Designs

If you want an elephant tattoo, but you are not sure about the design, then you must take a look at our remarkable elephant tattoo designs!

Love this, would want to adapt it so it looked like a patronus!

Image Small rhino on the wrist, Jaroslav Rataj at Ink in Liverpool in Eva's images album