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24 people who had 1 job

22 People Who Only Had One Job

10 Wedding Memes!#8 Coolest Wedding Scene Ideas


Well look at the bright side, nearly headless nick has a picture of a girl like him. You had one job NHN

People, You Had One Job! LOL, the cheeseburger! Looks like they threw it from a distance.  Worker: "Hey Carl! Cheese me!"  Carl: "Go long!"

People, You Had One Job!

This is funny because they only had one job and I think we would use the superiority theory because they had a simple task and they did it wrong and we think that people are stupid or that.

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So close

You had 1 job! 18 Weird and Crazy Construction Fails. Funny real estate house and home humor.

Shrek really bulked up for the second movie: | 25 Bootleg Products That Are Better Than The Real Thing

25 Bootleg Products That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Seems legit.

I would laugh if that last one was like a secret entrance to a night club.