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People who have experienced panic attacks often go around with a grave sense of unease that at any moment they will experience a major panic attack.

A link between dry eyes and premature ovarian failure (POF) has also been uncovered.

Early treatment IS beneficial in glaucoma! Progression of glaucoma was less frequent, at 45 per cent for those with early stage glaucoma who had either medication/laser treatment to lower eye pressure than those with no treatment, at 62 per cent.

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sectoral heterochromia | Tumblr | Things that Catch My Eye ...

sectoral heterochromia | Tumblr | Things that Catch My Eye ...

The Debelius' Reef Lobster, also known as the Purple/Orange Reef Lobster, has a white to lavender body, with orange and violet spots. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

natural violet eyes - known as Alexandria's Genesis - it's up for debate whether they really do exist - Actress Elizabeth Taylor has been said to have had them

Crazy eye color facts you wish you knew, http://colorfuleyes.org/contact-lenses/eye-colors/

Sectoral Heterochromia Iridum - I have this but never knew it had a name.

¿Es verdad que tenemos sólo cinco sentidos?

eye exercises can strengthen the eye muscles, improve focus, eye movements and stimulate the center of the brain's vision. These help counteract

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