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Tianjin explosión

Tianjin, China, Explosion Area Evacuated as Death Toll Rises to At Least 104

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang called for "all-out efforts" to save the injured and minimize casualties, the state-run Xinhua news outlet reported.

China explosion: Questions remain after deadly blasts

China explosions: Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin - BBC News

At 11:30 PM Wednesday night, a series of massive fireballs exploded out of a warehouse in the industrial part of Tianjin, China, a port city of 15.2 about 70 miles south of Beijing. The first blast created enough force to register as a 2.3-magnitude earthquake, and was immediately followed by a second blast with a 2.9-magnitude force that created a massive mushroom cloud. Smaller blasts soon followed.

Everything We Know So Far About the Massive Explosions in Tianjin

Chinese Port City Tianjin Searches for Clues After Devastating Blasts - WSJ

Authorities said the blasts started at shipping containers at the warehouse owned by Ruihai Logistics, a company that says it stores hazardous materials including flammable petrochemicals, sodium cyanide and toluene diisocyanate

Apocalyptic aftermath of the Chinese fire which left at least 50 dead

At least 50 people have been killed and a further 700 injured after a huge explosion hit a shipment of explosives in the north-eastern city of Tianjin, China, at local time.


Chine : les conséquences des explosions à Tianjin digne de l'Apocalypse

Tianjin Explosion Rocks China Leaving 300 People Injured And 44 Dead

Tianjin Explosion

Tianjin explosion: social media reactions to China blasts

Asciende a más de 50 mil la cifra de muertos por explosiones Tianjin - http://www.tvacapulco.com/asciende-a-mas-de-50-mil-la-cifra-de-muertos-por-explosiones-tianjin/

In Photos: The Aftermath of the Massive Explosion in the Chinese City of Tianjin

Hundreds of tonnes of cyanide stored at warehouse in China blast

Hundreds of tonnes of cyanide stored at warehouse in China blast

Fear: Smoking debris can still be seen at the explosion site as police ordered residents to evacuate buildings within a two-mile radius

china explosion Tianjin

Huge explosions in an industrial area of the Chinese port city of Tianjin leave at least 50 dead and more than 700 people injured.

china explosion Tianjin

Obliterated: An aerial view of the explosion site in Binhai New Area of Tianjin. The detonations were so powerful they could be seen from space

Aftermath of Tianjin Explosion Looks Like a Movie

Aftermath of Tianjin Explosion Looks Like a Movie

China Explosion: Dozens Were Dead And Chinese Port City Areas Were Ruined - ViralPortal


VT Nuclear Education – Freon and the Hohlraum

TianJin Explosion

Deadly Tianjin explosion seen from space

Impact: Shockwaves from the explosions were felt by residents in apartment blocks miles away in the city of 15 million people

china explosion Tianjin

44 dead, over 500 injured, after blast rocks busy Chinese port (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) Published time: 12 Aug, 2015 ~ You connect the

Deadly warehouse blast in Tianjin, China

Deadly warehouse blast in Tianjin, China

Deadly aftermath of Chinese port blasts — RT In vision

tian jin boom - Google Search

Fires continue to burn at the site of the original explosions in Tianjin