These simple chandeliers turn your room into a forest. Read more at

Creating household objects from everyday things can be very rewarding. By using recycled material to create things like DIY Lamps and Chandeliers, you'll surprise yourself with how good it can look. In this article we'll be looking at DIY Lighting Ideas y

235031674277213069 Forms in Nature Light Sculpture that turns a room into a forest. By Hilden & Diaz.

Forms in Nature Light Sculpture turns a room into a fairytale forest. By Hilden & Diaz.

The latest - a diy brass chandelier makeover. Complete with spray paint, mardi gras beads, and acrylic jewels. So much better than our old lighting!

Flipping it Over! Flip the chandelier over, add some embellishments, and voila, a new take on it! I hate the beads and color, but the idea here is something I can take and run with.

Sort of outdoorsy in a very modern way. DIY lamp-paper strips

Update those 'classic' Ikea lanterns by layering paper "leaves" over the existing paper lantern exterior.

forest lamp

A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows. Simply beautiful and fasinating. This chandelier from Hilden & Diaz projects a shadow of trees and roots onto the walls surrounding it. It is called Forms in Nature.

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lord of the rings furniture - Google Search

Rustic Furniture Shelf - Oak Tree Cabinet - Artistic Furniture - Storage Shelves, Cottage Chic, French Country by honeystreasures on Etsy

20 Chandeliers & DIY Lamps You Can Create From Everyday Objects. Find your dream home at: #Dream #Home #Decor

20 Chandeliers & DIY Lamps You Can Create From Everyday Objects

Ballroom Luminoso is a public art installation consisting of six sculptural chandeliers created by technologist Joe O'Connell and sculptor Blessing Hancock

Bowl pendant lamps.  Drill very carefully through antique bowls.  Attach to hanging lamp kit.

Recycled Craft Ideas - Mason Jar and Recycled Crafts - Country Living - Brilliant Bowl Lampshades An enlightened take on the pendant lamp, this project uses ceramic yellowware to glowing effect.

How To Make Great Desk Lamp From Cube

Easy to make this a Minecraft lamp - diy Awesome Desk Lamp Hmmm endless possibilities with this idea. You could paint the blocks or even add things between the gaps.

awesome diy cardboard lamp

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