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exe has stopped responding and needs to close ---- Undertale comic - Napstablook, Sans, and Papyrus at Alphys and Undyne's wedding

spaghetti time, More platonic sans and frisk?

NostalgiaPhantom : Chill resident slime skeleton who loves eating, drawing all the time,.

Well is not a "OC" is only my frisk version U I don't have OC in undertale world. But i couldn't resist do it. More that ship, its look like Sans was scared x'D Yep they are cry...i wanted to exper...

This is sort of a sneak peek picture for a comic I am currently working on (i guess like my own AU of undertale?If anyone seen my gaster pic and noticed the last one &nbsp;

Kiss Marry or Kill (Undertale): Kisser! You love to give most characters a little kiss to remind them that someone loves them.

I really ship it, and thought it was funny xD [Undertale] Kiss by wolfifi on DeviantArt

Next: fav.me/d9ttdim Previous part: fav.me/d9s9vl7 First part:  fav.me/d9rfdnm So, apparently the majority of you are down for a really long comic. So we're gonna be doing all three in sequent...

I made this in 10 hours. Its the biggest file I ever created . Sorry for the crappy comic, guys, but everything other Valentine-related I was creating was so.

Frisk X Sans - Oh My Love by N-iqhtSkies

Frisk X Sans - Oh My Love by N-iqhtSkies ( Oh God. That was beautiful.

Sans and Frisk - comic

Sans and Frisk Undertale "The old whoopie cushion trick, never gets old"

You're going to need those eventually by zarla.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

welcome to maudlin font skeleton comic emporium handplates stuff is organized in this separate folder