Fire Emblem Cipher Trading Card Game: Felicia

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Ilustraciones completas - Felicia - Artworks e imágenes - Galería Fire Emblem Wars Of Dragons

Fire Emblem Fates: Camilla, Felicia and Elise - This would be better if Camilla had some clothes on.

Felicia - Tea Time! by on @DeviantArt

Since Fire Emblem Fates came to Europe two months ago I played a lot on Birthright, that I've actually finished so now I'm currently pla.

Flora needs more Attention....

Flora needs more Attention, i personally like her better out of the maid duo, i played conquest first so i saw her as an ally rather than an enemy, shes capable of doing maid things rather than breaking the dishes or setting fire to the kitchen.

Fire Emblem Fates - Keaton and Velouria

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I need to stop pinning Fates the game isn't even out yet damn it

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